Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Find IVF Treatment in Goa at Affordable Costs – Paihospital

Have you tried for years to conceive a baby but have been unsuccessful? Don’t worry—it’s not too late to see the best infertility specialist in Goa at Pai Hospital. This renowned reproductive health hospital is the leader in IVF not only in Goa, but also in India. It provides high quality, world class infertility treatments at affordable costs.

Costs of seeing an infertility specialist in Goa

The total cost of IVF treatment depends on many factors. Before starting any treatment, infertility specialists at Pai Hospital will assess the individual fertility of both the wife and husband to assess the couple’s chances of conceiving. This initial checkup also allows our specialists to provide a realistic estimate of the IVF treatment costs that may be involved while letting them recommend the most suitable medications and modes of treatment. It also lets our infertility specialist in Goa determine if pre-treatment surgery is needed. Some couples (about 20%) need surgeries for enhancing fertility—such as laparoscopy or hysteroscopy—prior to IVF. Note that patients who want to undergo IUI will also be given the same initial assessment. This checkup will take 3 hours; in some cases, more detailed tests need to be done.

What makes Pai Hospital different is that it finds ways to make IVF treatment as cost-effective as possible. We invest your money and time in the most efficient direction. Our goal is clear: We want you to conceive as fast as possible, at the most affordable cost possible.

Pai Hospital combines decades of experience and world class equipment to bring the best in infertility treatment to Goa and to India. Our hospital maintains internationally approved protocols. Read more about our IVF treatments and other fertility solutions on our website, where you can also book an appointment.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Ways to Find the Most Prominent IVF Centre in Goa

Finding a good IVF centre requires careful research. There are many different factors that could make a patient seek IVF treatment to get pregnant. Typically, patients may consider IVF as the last resort, especially if they are having trouble conceiving or if their gynaecologist has recommended it and there is nothing wrong with the male partner’s reproductive system. An IVF centre in Goa may be the best destination for patients who are seeking cost-effective treatment with a high rate of succeeding. Here are some ways to find the most prominent IVF centre in Goa:

·       Search for an accredited and certified centre – The hospital must be ISO 9001:2008 certified and accredited locally. That way, patients can be sure that they are getting reliable and proven IVF treatment from a reputable and high-quality facility and that only the best doctors and specialists will provide the treatment.

·       Consider multi-specialty hospitals – Some of the most prominent IVF centres in Goa are part of reputable hospitals with a dedicated team of gynaecologists and infertility specialists who are committed to bring the most advanced treatments to patients. One of the leading hospitals in Goa has its own IVF and infertility centre that provides highly personalised treatment programmes to patients.

·       Make sure the treatment programme is tailored to the patient – Experienced and qualified IVF specialists in Goa understand that every patient is different, so they customise every treatment plan to fit each patient’s unique condition and requirements. A prominent IVF centre in Goa customizes treatment plans to ensure a cost-effective and successful infertility treatment for every patient.

·       Find out the cost for the treatment – Get in touch with the IVF centre in Goa to arrange a consultation and to find out how much the treatment would cost. It is good to know how much the IVF treatment would cost, so you can plan ahead and make a more informed decision about it. This is a good way to discover how responsive the treatment centre is and how well they can answer your questions.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Get The Best Treatment for Key Hole Surgery by Experienced Laparoscopic Surgeon in Goa

Certain health issues may be treated through a minimally invasive procedure like laparoscopic surgery. Also known as ‘keyhole surgery’, it aims to make three to four pea-sized incisions (about 0.5cm to 1cm) to allow plastic tubes (ports) to be inserted through them. A camera and the surgical instruments are inserted through the ports to conduct the minimally invasive procedure on the patient. Through the camera, the laparoscopic surgeon can explore and see the inside of the abdomen and its organs through images sent to a monitor. That way, the camera serves as the surgeon’s eyes during laparoscopic surgery.

An experienced laparoscopic surgeon in Goa should be able to conduct the procedure smoothly and ensure the best treatment for your health condition. The best laparoscopic surgeon in Goa can conduct the procedure for gynaecological treatments like the removal of an ovarian cyst, tubal ligation, uterine fibroid removal, endometriosis treatment, hysterectomy, sterility, and ectopic pregnancy treatment. Here are some examples of treatments and how they are conducted:

  • Tubal ligation – Also known as ‘family planning surgery’, it can now be done laparoscopically by an experienced and skilled laparoscopic surgeon in Goa. Women can take a day or two off from work for this surgery, which aims to block the fallopian tubes to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is similar to how it is done traditionally and the results and success rates are almost similar to the traditional open method, as long as it is done properly. Patients can typically go back to work on the second or the third day following the procedure.

  • Diagnostic purposes for infertility and other issues – Laparoscopic surgery can be used to properly verify and diagnose conditions. It allows the laparoscopic surgeon to conduct corrective surgery after diagnosis in one sitting. An example would be the removal of ovarian cysts.

  • Ectopic pregnancy – An experienced laparoscopic surgeon in Goa may save a woman’s life if she is at risk for ectopic pregnancy. The procedure preserves the fallopian tubes instead of cutting them, and the abnormal pregnancy is removed.